(Lieutenant James Mysteries) (Volume 4)

Numbered drink cups at a barbecue backfires when mischief and poison are added to the mix. A writer is poisoned at a barbecue where the cups are marked with a number to identify whose is whose. The writer’s #5 cup and one of several #7 cups contain tainted bourbon from a pint bottle brought to the picnic by an elderly neighbor. Lieutenant James must sort it out and find the murderer. He uncovers some secrets about the writer victim, but a missing will, a closet drinker, and a college hazing incident provide important clues to the intriguing murder mystery.


Following teaching mathematics for sixteen years, JB Clemmens worked interesting part-time jobs but retired to enjoy writing. She enjoys swimming, lots of singing, and reading. Her three children, plus grandchildren, are in California, Peru, and Japan.

Other Book Titles

Mystery at Pima Point

Death in Sequence

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The Value of Research

When you put it in writing, research adds essential authenticity, pertinent facts and substantial engagement for readers. Whether searching for lyrics in music or the important untraceable poisons, you often find new avenues to explore. Speaking of streets, if the...

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5 Fascinating Crime Books for You to Check Out

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