(Lieutenant James Mysteries) (Volume 4)

Local celebrity writer, Walt Whitlock, is poisoned at a barbecue at the Townsend home in Winburg. Lieutenant James investigates and finds the tainted bourbon not only in Whitlock’s #5 cup but in one of the several cups marked #7. Although he uncovers the reason for so many #7 cups, he still must find the murderer.

Elderly neighbor, Lucy Trent, brought the pint bottle of Starsilk Preferred Bourbon to the picnic and Oliver Townsend, Walt’s publisher, had an argument with him just before he died, but both claimed innocence.

Fingerprints from another guest, Eileen Forsyth, are found on the poisoned cup and Walt’s college friend, John, disappears after the party.

A missing codicil to a dead woman’s will and strange happenings at a local racetrack lead James to identify and arrest the real culprit.



At least two other people including Lt. James and Bitsy had eaten some of everything on Walt’s plate and all were fine. That left the drinks in the two numbered cups by Whitlock’s hand.

Murder on the

Ice Floe in Nashville

The interfering actions of Taper Tilman caused a lot of problems. There are plenty of suspects to the crime when he ends up strangled to death on the Cumberland River at Tug’s Ice Fishing. Lt. Eli James and Sgt. Tori Calhoun, a duo of forensic investigators, trace the perpetrator to Cumberland Bluffs, a hill where the suspect aims to escape. The two scale steep cliffs without much hiking skills to take him down for the crime he committed. 

Murder on the ice floe_mockup

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