Things to Avoid When Writing Murder Mystery Books

Murder mystery is very popular among fans of crime fiction. With its combination of high tension and the ability to engage its readers as detectives, murder mystery is quite a distinctive genre that offers a different kind of reading experience. Both readers and authors alike are drawn into the thrill of murder mystery. However, in contrast to what others might assume, writing murder mystery books is not as easy as it seems. It takes a great amount of time, effort, and knowledge to come up with stories that can fit the standard of murder mystery. JB Clemmens is an example of an author who knows precisely how to do this.

JB Clemmens is a veteran reader and established author who has already written several mystery novels, most of which revolve around stories of crime. The murder mystery books by JB Clemmens are generally unique, compelling, and suspenseful. They provide their readers with the feeling of a great read combined with the feeling of playing a game. Some of the best murder mystery books by JB Clemmens include Mystery at Pima Point, Death in Sequence, and The Numbered Cups Mystery. If you are an aspiring mystery author who wants to write good murder mystery books like JB Clemmens, then this article is especially for you. Below are some of the things you must avoid when writing murder mystery books.

Confusing and Inconsistent Plot

Murder mystery stories are usually filled with a lot of events and subplots. These are necessary in building the stories to make them more interesting and suspenseful. Sometimes, however, having too many events and subplots in a story can create confusion among the readers. This is one of the things that you must avoid when writing murder mystery books. As much as possible, always leave the readers wanting more but not at the expense of a clear and consistent story. Before you begin your story, make sure to lay out a plot and follow it thoroughly so you always have a clear picture of where your story is going.

Cliché Main Characters

When writing murder mystery books, shy away from recycling character tropes that have been used countless of times already in other stories. Instead, invent your original main characters to make your murder mystery story more unique and compelling. Examples of these cliché main characters in murder mystery books include a hardcore alcoholic detective, a detective with relationship issues, a detective who possesses some sort of a supernatural power, a sexy female detective torn between two love interests, a rookie detective partnered with a veteran detective, and more. As much as possible, make your characters distinctive by giving them unique traits that still fit the genre of murder mystery.

Lack of Realism in Crime Scenes

Crime scenes are an important part of murder mystery books. Murder mystery stories basically revolve around these crimes, so it is important to illustrate them effectively and convincingly. When writing crime scenes, you should be as realistic as possible. For instance, when you write a scene about a character stabbing another character, you should not just write, “Character A forces a knife into Character B in a split second” because in reality, stabbing someone is not as easy as it sounds, especially with someone who is struggling to die. To make your crime scenes more realistic, you must do some research. Find out the what’s, why’s, and how’s of crimes.

Lack of Actions and Twists

Good murder mystery books are usually filled with suspense and surprises. Generally, the readers of this genre often look for stories that contain a sense of thrill. So, as much as possible, you should make your murder mystery story as suspenseful and thrilling as possible. To accomplish this, fill your story with actions and twists. Write action-packed scenes that can leave the readers on the edge of their seats, and include twists that can shock them toward the end. However, be careful not to overdo these things. When creating a twist, particularly, it is important that you still follow the logic and clues of your story. Otherwise, the twist might end up hasty to the point of leaving the readers feeling cheated.

In summary, when writing murder mystery books, you need to avoid being inconsistent, unoriginal, illogical, and boring as an author. Improve your knowledge about the genre, enhance your skills, and utilize your creativity and imagination to come up with good murder mystery books like those by JB Clemmens. Although writing murder mystery is not a piece of cake, you can definitely become a good mystery author if you just put in an extra effort. Hopefully, the things discussed in this article can help you in your murder mystery writing endeavor.

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