Ways to Find Writing Prompts For Mystery Novels

Have you been thinking of writing a mystery book but has drained out with ideas? In search of story-worthy ideas, writers tend to experience creative blocks. However, this does not mean that creative ideas are not there—they are just blocked with barriers to inspiration. One’s internal creativity can be blocked for days or weeks; for some, they can even experience it for years. There’s no reason for you to be worried about it. You can be exposed to a myriad of inspirations. And, this blog will help you find them.

Nothing beats a creative mind. It can feel a little bit scary whenever you run out of creativity. But you have to know that every artist, performer, and writer is experiencing the same. For most writers, the struggle is to find a story that readers will love. The mystery genre is one of the most competitive genres you can find. You may have something big in mind, but you will not be guaranteed that others have not done it yet, making this genre the most difficult to write for. Thus, if you are stuck and need ideas for your next mystery book, this blog will help you find writing prompts. Below are some of the ways you can use to find ideas and stop creative block:

Don’t Be Afraid to Take a Break

You may have to take an hour or two; as mentioned, some might take a couple of weeks or even months and years. Even so, you can never be scared to have a breather. You may never know what you can discover outside that you can use for your writing ideas. Distancing yourself from the project will relieve all the pressure. You can even do things you enjoy. In terms of writing mystery fiction, you should watch crime documentaries. It is a great way for you to get more ideas. Plus, it is one of the fascinating things to watch. You can also read other people’s work and look into the works of JB Clemmens. Her book, The Numbered Cups, will not only give you ideas but will also entertain you.

Try a Different Approach

Sticking to one approach can surely give you so much advantage, such as giving you coherence. Nonetheless, you can never deny that sometimes, you need a little bit of tweak. Cultivate different things. This great for when you are writing for this genre. Mystery can get eccentric. So, trying different kinds of approaches can always be the best way to go. If you want to find a different approach. You can always try to make the first point. Go out. Seeing nature is very effective.

Don’t Let Pressure Get to You

Make pressure not work against you; make it work for you. Writing as much as you have passion for it, there are some instances that you can experience pressure. But letting pressure against you will not bring you anywhere. If you are someone who has struggled with this, there are a lot of ways on how you can mitigate it. One way is by understanding the concept of high achievement versus perfectionism. Perfectionistic habits will end you up beating yourself. Every little mistake you make, you will feel like you’ve failed. Just make sure that you know that mistakes can help you grow. Embrace the mistakes you make as you go through and try not to beat yourself up about it. Instead, you learn from it.

Being a writer can be one of the most enjoyable jobs you can have in this world. Nevertheless, it can be hard to keep the enthusiasm every single day of being one. Just like any other job, no matter how fun it can be, being a writer can also get exhausting. When the field of inspiration narrows, all your creative ideas have run out. During these times, you will feel like you are passively waiting for something to happen. But nothing will happen if you keep on doing nothing. It would be best if you cultivated it. There are measures that you should follow, so you will get what you need. You look for it, see new things, listen to others, ask questions, discover others’ arts, and surely get many ideas.

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