Why Readers Are Hooked on Mystery Novels

Mystery books have been increasingly gaining prominence over the decades. A continuously increasing number of readers is being hooked on fiction novels that feature blood-curdling and spine-chilling narratives. Indeed, the mystery genre is a prolific and profitable market, and to take advantage of this, more and more authors are now convinced to write mystery books.

There are already plenty of mystery books out there. Ever since the publication of Wilkie Collins’ The Woman in White in 1859, which is considered to be the first mystery novel ever published, thousands of other thrilling and terrifying mystery stories have been written profusely. These stories vary in terms of their central themes, subjects, and approaches to providing the element of mystery to the readers.

The Numbered Cups Mystery by JB Clemmens is a great example of a spine-chiller literature. It is a mystery novel about an investigator named Lieutenant James who must sort out the mysterious murder of a local celebrity writer who was poisoned at a barbecue. To help identify the culprit, Lieutenant James refers to numbered cups used by the writer for evidence and tracing. The writer’s number 5 cup and one of the several number 7 cups particularly contain tainted bourbon from a pint bottle brought to the picnic by an elderly neighbor. This leads Lieutenant James to a mind-boggling investigation. Overall, The Numbered Cups Mystery contains great elements of mystery and thrill in its story that makes readers truly hooked to it.

Now, what exactly makes a mystery story so compelling? Why are readers so hooked on mystery novels like The Woman in White and The Numbered Cups Mystery? Below are some brief answers to these questions.

Mystery novels are thought provoking and intellectually engaging

Mystery novels are typically based on the premise of solving a problem. They are like puzzles that need a solution. Oftentimes, a mystery novel is filled with clues and details that are scattered around chapters and are given to the readers along the way to help them figure out the overall resolution of the story’s conflict. For this reason, mystery novels are, more often than not, thought provoking and intellectually engaging. They always keep their readers thinking. They keep them hooked by making them want to ‘get the answer’ to the problems that the authors created. Because of their puzzling and riddle-like nature, mystery novels usually require their readers to pay attention, concentrate, and think.

Mystery novels enable readers to both be in and out of the story

Because mystery novels typically challenge their readers to solve the puzzle or riddle contained in their narratives, they often make their readers constantly engaged. They enable the readers to both be in and out of the story. While the entire story of a mystery novel still unfolds bit by bit from the viewpoints of its characters, the readers are already provided with various clues and ideas as to how the story will end up. In other words, mystery novels enable their readers to see the bigger picture of the story. This allows the readers to act as a sort of an investigator or detective that speculates or makes guesses on the outcome of the story based on the small pieces of information given in chapters. To put it simply, mystery novels allow their readers to be involved, engaged, and interactive.

Mystery novels provide a fun reading experience

Lastly, and most importantly, the consistent popularity of mystery novels is largely due to their ability to provide a fun reading experience to the readers. Indeed, many readers are hooked on mystery novels because their stories typically give a different kind of anticipation, excitement, and thrill. Every mystery story tends to feel like a roller-coaster ride. Readers get to see things through many perspectives, experience numerous scenarios, and feel various emotions when they read a mystery novel. Ultimately, mystery is an abundant genre in literature – it is abundant in creativity, imagination, and emotions.

Overall, mystery novels are widely read because of their ability to engage the readers and provide them with an intense and fun reading experience. Indeed, a continuously increasing number of people is being hooked on reading mystery novels not just because they are popular, but also because they are great literature. Time and time again, mystery novels like The Woman in White and The Numbered Cups Mystery have proven that the mystery genre is a proficient and profitable market.

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